iNARTE Professional Certifications

What we offer is iNARTE professional certifications. iNARTE certifications are for individual qualified engineers and technicians in the fields of Telecommunications, Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference (EMC/EMI), Product Safety (PS), Electrostatic Discharge control (ESD), and Wireless Systems Installation.


  • The iNARTE certification process is rigorous. Certified individuals have proven that they have the discipline and initiative to go the extra mile through education, work and personal references attesting to competency, work ethic and character.
  • iNARTE certification provides documented evidence of expertise as recognized by US Courts and the international community.
  • iNARTE certification offers a reasonable assurance of character and is evidence of willingness to abide by the iNARTE code of conduct.
  • Certification enhances the public image of the company and its technical personnel.

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Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Licensing Examinations

Exemplar Global (RABQSA) has been a contracted Commercial Operator License Examination Manager (COLEM) since July 2013. As an FCC designated COLEM, one of only 13 nationwide, Exemplar Global administers FCC licensing examinations at over 190 physical locations worldwide as well as online remote options which can be taken from your own home. We can help you find out which FCC Commercial License you need and schedule your FCC license test.

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iNARTE Approval for Proctors

iNARTE approvals are for test proctors [individual] and test centers. In 2008, Exemplar Global created different test and training relationships to better serve our prospective certification candidates and the different certification disciplines.

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