What Exemplar LINK Means for You

By Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager

Last month I wrote to introduce Exemplar LINK, the new career pathways tool developed by iNARTE’s parent company, Exemplar Global. Exemplar LINK is an innovative way for you to find and connect with colleagues, demonstrate your competence with digital badging and professional profiling, build your knowledge base through self-paced micro-training courses, and much more. Please click here to watch our short video explaining more about the Exemplar LINK concept.

For those of you working in EMC/EMI, ESD, product safety, or other related disciplines that make up the iNARTE community, Exemplar LINK will have a particular resonance. Engineers and technicians sometimes struggle to build community with colleagues who well understand the issues particular to this field. Perhaps you need feedback on a testing setup or questionable series of results. Maybe you want to find new training opportunities or explore different career pathways. Or it could be that you simply want to share your knowledge and demonstrate your competence to the industry at large. For these reasons, and many more, we have developed Exemplar LINK.

Too often in this highly technical profession we forget that our work is essentially human in nature—that means that although we must get the science right first and foremost, we also need to communicate our information for the good of our organizations, share our knowledge with others, and continually learn and grow by individually and a part of the broader community. It’s not too grandiose to say that Exemplar LINK has been designed with these “soft skills” firmly in mind.

Exemplar LINK will replace the current iNARTE customer portal. Over the coming weeks you will hear more from us about Exemplar LINK and what this means for you and your certifications. The way you will access your new and improved customer portal, Exemplar LINK, will not change. Your details will be updated when first logging in when functionality for iNARTE customers is live in December.

Most of the content on Exemplar LINK is available for free or at very low cost. I encourage you to take a look, create your custom profile, and begin exploring all the many ways that this new tool can serve you in your career. We are always interested to hear your feedback as well, so please write us at admin@inarte.org to let us know what you think of Exemplar LINK or any of the other ways that we can serve you better!