Training Workshop Webinar

The IEEE EMC Society is pleased to support their sister society, The Society of EMC Engineers India (SEMCEI), on their upcoming Practical Electronic Product Design Techniques Training Workshop. The workshop starts on October 15, 2020 with an introduction session and follows on October 19–24 with a series of presentations by industry expert Keith Armstrong. Workshop attendees will appreciate the theory, practical references, and case studies provided, in addition to the interactive Q&A sessions with Mr. Armstrong.

The workshop is designed for product manufacturers, product managers, program managers, marketing executives, design engineers, specialists, design house leaders, product development managers, system integrators, installers, start-ups, design enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, compliance engineers, engineering service providers, electronic component vendors, EMI/EMC filter and suppression component vendors, EMC pre-test equipment vendors, in-house lab engineers, commercial and defense test lab engineers, managers, regulatory specialists, as well as technology and business decision makers of electronic and IoT companies.

The workshop content is applicable to those in the telecommunications, medical, defense, and automotive industries, including educational institutions that nurture young engineers in these areas.

India’s manufacturing boost in all sectors of the electronic, medical, and defense industries calls for a robust design strategy to enable the smooth development of manufacturing and regulatory compliance requirements.

Please register online for this event and learn EMC design techniques from the expert!

NOTE: A special 10% discount is available for IEEE and SEMCEI members.

To register, visit here. For more information, email Raj Sekharan, IEEE EMC Society Membership Coordinator for India.