The iNARTE iNformer

Christian Thornton, Global Business Manager – iNARTE

iNARTE cordially invites you to join us at the annual EMC Society Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana. We will be exhibiting at the event from July 22-26 and would love to meet you to discuss how iNARTE certification can help you in your career.

We invite you to visit us to learn about iNARTE’s improved certification programs and certifications that we are launching soon.

We will also be hosting a special presentation on July 22 that will focus on iNARTE’s certifications. On July 25 will also be holding an exam and will debut our newest certification program—Spectrum Management.

The Importance of Spectrum Management

Spectrum management is a growing area of concern and need in the engineering community. As this concern grows, so too does the need for qualified individuals to perform this function.

The availability of adequate spectrum to support commercial, medical, government, and military electronic systems and equipment is critical to maximizing mission and performance effectiveness. Spectrum planning and frequency management must be given appropriate and timely consideration during the development, procurement, and deployment of assets that utilize the electromagnetic spectrum.

Like the other certifications offered by iNARTE, Spectrum Management is an area that most engineers and technicians find themselves in, yet they have little to no evidence of their qualifications to perform this role.

This lack of credential can be troublesome during audit situations. As a former medical laboratory auditor, I know how frustrating it can be for both the auditor and auditee when questions of qualifications are raised. The phrase “What qualifies you to make that determination?” is one that can be insulting and difficult to explain to someone who may not be fully versed in the content area.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

Join iNARTE in New Orleans as we delve deeper into spectrum management and discuss the value of certification in these and other situations.

I, personally, will be in New Orleans to help with the application process and answer any questions you may have. The session we are hosting on the first day of the event will provide an opportunity for you to see and hear firsthand how iNARTE certification can be of great value. We will also have practice questions available to help you to study for our exams.