The Growing Need for Spectrum Management

By Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager   Whether you work in EMC, EMI, ESD, or other related radio frequency-based disciplines, spectrum management is a topic of importance. In fact, now more than ever, I feel that it’s imperative for professionals in the iNARTE community to understand the issues around this topic, for the regulations around the management and use of radio frequencies directly affects the work we do within the industry.

There are several important reasons why there has been an increased focus on spectrum management in recent years. First and foremost, there are now untold billions of connected devices around the world, all of which make demands on wireless bandwidth and require oversight of the competing needs of commercial and government applications.

Closely tied to this is the issue of technological advancements. For example, 5G wireless (and the generations of broadband network technologies that will certainly follow) have meant an increased demand for faster and better service, particularly on the consumer side.

COVID-19 is a reality that has accelerated many trends in business and technology, and the field of telecommunications is certainly no exception. Business services, schools, and training enterprises have all had to adjust to a world in which remote work is not only possible but necessary. That has put further requirements for bandwidth and decentralized wireless access. Even more, now that remote work of this nature has proven its worth, I’m certain that it’s here to stay—in one form or another.

Finally, streaming services have contributed to these limitations on bandwidth, as well.

All of this means that spectrum management will require consideration going forward. I’d like iNARTE to be a place where we can meet online and discuss these issues. Let this be the start of the conversation! Please email me with your thoughts so that we can continue the discussion.