iNARTE® Certified Space & Defense Virtual Training for Federal Agencies and Contractors

Since 2021, RMV Technology Group LLC has provided ESD and Suspect Counterfeit Virtual Training for NASA, DoD, DOE, and the support contractor community. To be more in sync with today’s social media networking for the professional engineer and technician, the Exemplar Global digital badge has been developed for each type of iNARTE® Space & Defense … Read More

Supply Chain Traceability and iNARTE® Certified Space and Defense ESD Program Monitor™ Virtual Training

By Renee Mitchell   Today, QMS programs for supply chain quality, reliability, and sustainability should require a “trust but verify” centered program supported by hard data. Simply put, offshore manufacturing is the norm and not the exception. Reliance upon the supply chain to do the right thing to certify manufactured goods thousands of miles away … Read More

New Hands-On iNARTE® Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™ Certification Launched Virtually, Exclusively Developed and Trained by RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry Partner

By Renee Mitchell   For federal agencies and support contractors, the travel restrictions first mandated in March 2020 are still in place across the United States and in many countries. The trend is likely to continue through next year and with the enormous savings already realized, this business model is likely to continue much longer. … Read More

RMV Creates Virtual Platform in Place of Traditional Hands-On iNARTE Learning

Beginning in 2014 and held every two years in the early spring, the iNARTE Aerospace & Defense ESD Training developed exclusively by Bob Vermillion, CEO and founder of NASA industry partner RMV Technology Group LLC, has offered a five-day “hands-on” instrument-driven program at NASA Ames Research Center. Participants from the United States include NASA, the … Read More