Rohde & Schwarz Launches New High-Performance Direction Finding and Monitoring Antenna System

Rohde & Schwarz recently announced the launch of the high performance R&S ADD557SR direction finding and monitoring antenna system. The system provides accurate direction finding capabilities across a wide bandwidth from 20 MHz to 6 GHz for both vertical and horizontal polarizations. It is ideal for R&S DDF550 wideband direction finders and R&S DDF5GTS high-speed scanning direction finders. The new direction finding antenna system incorporates the latest technologies, making it a high-end, versatile device for stationary and mobile applications on land, at sea and even in the air.

This new antenna system is one of a kind and can do more than just direction finding. The R&S ADD557SR incorporates a separate antenna output that can be used independently of direction finding and in both polarizations over a wide frequency range. This helps focus on certain signals in the spectrum or suppress unwanted emissions.

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