Remote Access Monitoring of Compliance Testing

D.L.S. Electronic Systems Inc. offers their TestView remote access monitoring platform, a secure video system that enables clients to log in via the internet to D.L.S.’s test site from their own location and view their equipment being tested in real time. TestView offers a multi-directional camera that allows the client to control the camera, including zoom or pan capabilities, providing access to witness any part of their equipment during the test at any time. TestView also allows multiple users at the same time. Don’t settle for a single view from a stationary camera using commercial video conferencing processes with a single user.

Remote access monitoring using the TestView platform has been used for projects of all kinds and allows for compliance under most standards. The FAA has issued Policy Statement PS-AIR-21-1901 which offers guidelines for avionics and aviation related testing using remote access monitoring.

Clients can converse directly with their test engineer and review test results real time, limiting the need for onsite support. This platform is available on most test set ups. Save time and money by viewing, from your own office, home, or other access locations, and watch your compliance test being performed.

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