FCC License Test Center-Administered Examination


You have selected to register for the exam using the test center-administered examination method. This allows you to take the exam with a live proctor at any of our 190 global test centers. You will need to select a test center during the registration process. After you have registered, you will receive information on how to schedule your exam date and time. Please note that if you select this exam method, you are responsible for paying the proctor fee directly to the test center. This fee is not included in the exam fee collected by iNARTE Exemplar Global.

See our Test Center-Administered Examination Requirements here

Your $65 nonrefundable exam fee covers the exam and filing your proof of passing certificate with the FCC. It allows you to take up to two FCC exam elements. If you need to take additional FCC exam elements, you will need to register for them separately.

See exam descriptions in the sidebar at the right to determine which elements correlate to your exam.

Paper-delivered exams can be provided only under special circumstances/needs. Please contact us if you cannot take a computer-based examination and need to request a paper version.

Upon successful completion of the required examinations for your FCC License, iNARTE Exemplar Global will electronically submit your FCC License Application directly to the FCC via their Universal Licensing System (or you can select ‘no’ in the options below).