Looking Forward to 2022

By Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager


At the beginning of this new year, I remain extremely positive about the future. Although we must still be cautious and vigilant in protecting ourselves and ensuring that we remain healthy against Covid, there are many new opportunities and pathways that are opening up.

Looking at 2022, iNARTE will soon announce new training opportunities, new certifications, and new career pathways. With many organizations reporting record shortages on their teams the need to identify new talent and help guide them into these vital areas is more important than ever.

iNARTE has undertaken, with collaboration from training providers and other global committees, the job of creating pathways for young engineers to explore new areas they may have previously considered. As ever, certification will play a key role, however, there will be a larger focus on other areas of development such as risk mitigation, leadership skills, and safety and compliance.

With all these new opportunities on the horizon I am truly excited to move into 2022 and explore what the future will bring! We look forward to taking that journey with you.