Live Webinar with Antenna Experts

This two-part webinar, sponsored by the IEEE EMC Society, occurs on Thursday, May 13 from 9 AM to 11 AM in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone. This event is moderated by Alistair Duffy, professor of electromagnetics and director of the Institute of Engineering Sciences at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, UK. He is also a fellow of the IEEE and president of the IEEE EMC Society.

The first part of this event, “Antenna Fundamental Parameters and Figures-of-Merit,” will be presented by Constantine A. Balanis, regents professor emeritus at the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University. In this presentation, some of the fundamental parameters and figures-of-merit of antennas, used to describe and judge their performance and radiation characteristics, will be reviewed. This includes amplitude patterns, beamwidths, directivity, gain, realized gain and bandwidths. When reciprocity is applicable, the parameters are relevant in either the transmitting or receiving mode. They are based on the IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Antennas.

Part two, “Basic Concepts of Antenna Characterization and Applications for EMC Measurements,” is presented by Zhong Chen, director of RF engineering at ETS-Lindgren. This presentation provides an introduction and discussion of the antenna fundamental parameters from an application point of view, especially on how these antenna parameters are characterized and applied in EMC applications. A brief introduction to the EMC antenna calibration methods will be provided, including a reference to dipole-like antennas which are ubiquitous for EMC measurements below 1 GHz. The presenter will also discuss how these antenna parameters, such as the free-space antenna factors, are impacted by the presence of the conducting ground plane.

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