iNARTE Merges into RABQSA International, Inc

Milwaukee, WI: The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics, Inc. (iNARTE) and RABQSA International, Inc. have executed official Articles of Merger, whereby the surviving organization, RABQSA International will absorb the operations of iNARTE. In other words, iNARTE merges into RABQSA International, and will function in the future as a brand of RABQSA International. The merger aligns iNARTE’s business into RABQSA’s operations, creating additional certification offerings for both organizations and raising the profile of iNARTE in the global community.

Merger creates the largest global nonprofit personnel certification body; warrants additional certifications to industry professionals worldwide.

RABQSA is currently one of the largest non-profit international personnel certification bodies for industry professionals. RABQSA caters its certifications to an international community, and this merger of iNARTE into RABQSA will not only enhance certified industry professionals but also reach globally to other professionals desiring different types of certification from quality management systems to electromagnetic and telecommunications engineering disciplines.

“Before merging we each focused on just a part of the personal certification marketplace, RABQSA on the auditing, assessment and inspection sectors, and iNARTE on the technical practitioners, engineers and technicians,” explained Brian Lawrence, Executive Director of iNARTE. “Together we have a more complete package to bring to each discipline and this in turn will be more attractive to industry groups and regulatory agencies.”

The activities of iNARTE and RABQSA did not compete but were entirely complimentary. iNARTE programs are almost entirely qualification-based while RABQSA schemes pride themselves on competency-based certification.

“This merger is mutually beneficial,” said Prakash Sathe, Chairman of the Board at RABQSA International. “The organizations together now boast the biggest personnel certification body in the world. The Board of Directors at RABQSA are very excited with this merger, and we will monitor closely the growth of this integrated organization.”

iNARTE’s operations are moving into RABQSA facilities located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. RABQSA will continue to honor the iNARTE branding and uphold the tenet of iNARTE’s values. The merger promises innovative approaches to certification products and services, with an industry focus and international recognition at its heart.

Created in 2005, RABQSA International, a non-profit organization, is one of the world’s leading certification organizations for provision of accredited personnel and training certification, and related professional development services worldwide. A wide variety of organizations employ RABQSA certified persons for the purposes of improving business performance.

iNARTE was founded in 1982 to establish criteria for the validation of professional telecommunications engineers, as a result of deregulation of the FCC. Today, iNARTE offers certification to engineers and technicians in a wide variety of disciplines and many industries use iNARTE certification as criteria for employment. iNARTE certification is accepted in many US courts as a credential for expert witness testimony.