iNARTE EMC Certification Study Guide Released

By Elya B. Joffe, International Technical Consultant – iNARTE

One of the most frequent questions from the previous EMC+SIPI Symposium was “when will iNARTE release an EMC certification study guide?” In response, iNARTE is pleased to announce the release of the new EMC Certification Study Guide.

Where to Begin?

The latest information about the iNARTE EMC Certification exams can be found on the iNARTE website, which lists:

  • Exam prerequisites
  • Recommended preparation resources
  • Exam domain areas

Purpose of the Study Guide

The study guide has been created in response to requests for additional information detailing how to prepare for the iNARTE EMC certification exam. The guide is intended to assist in your exam preparations. Passing the exam is a key requirement for attaining iNARTE EMC engineer or technician certification.

Since the inception of iNARTE’s EMC certification programs, several tools have been developed to help candidates to study for the exam, with the study guides the most widely used. The latest was assembled in the early 2000s.

The newly released study guide was written with a different approach and was motivated by the feedback and performance of those who have used the other study guides.

What is an Exam Study Guide?

An exam study guide is a tool that helps you to organize the information you need to review to prepare for your exams. The guide sets out to:

  • Help you understand how the exam is structured
  • Explain the types of questions you will be asked
  • Describe what happens on exam day
  • Identify resource materials
  • Explain how to locate key information and ideas, examples, or definitions

The new study guide will only fulfill its intended purpose if you are committed to spending time and effort applying its recommendations. It is designed to make how you study more effective.

The study guide doesn’t dive into the study of EMC or teach you a complete topic—that information can be found in the resource materials. The study guide is a useful preparation tool because it enables you to review the domains and topics covered in the exam. While the most important points for each topic are provided, the guide cannot include the background and detail you might find in an 1,000 page book.

The Study Guide Is Not Intended to Be An EMC Tutorial

Everyone has a different style of learning and study. How you understand, retain, and apply information will make a difference to how you prepare for the exams. Knowing what environment supports your learning potential is crucial. Once you identify how and where you learn best, you can use this information to inform your preparation process.

The study guide also includes a sample of representative exam questions, and a bundled study guide and online practice exam is available for purchase for those who are interested. Please visit the link below for more details.

We hope this study guide fulfills its goal of offering a complete, concise, and easy to understand overview of the information needed to pass the exam.


The iNARTE EMC Certification program was created to validate the skills and knowledge of EMC engineers and technicians. The iNARTE EMC Certification exams are designed to be challenging. After passing your exam, you can be proud to have achieved a certification with value.

Click here for more information on iNARTE’s EMC Certification programs, the study guide, and practice exams.