iNARTE® Certified Space & Defense Virtual Training for Federal Agencies and Contractors

Since 2021, RMV Technology Group LLC has provided ESD and Suspect Counterfeit Virtual Training for NASA, DoD, DOE, and the support contractor community.

To be more in sync with today’s social media networking for the professional engineer and technician, the Exemplar Global digital badge has been developed for each type of iNARTE® Space & Defense Certification in addition to the iNARTE® ESD Certification certificate suitable for framing.

The most recent class for the iNARTE® Certified Space & Defense Program Monitor included NASA and DOD civil servants, federal, and industry contractors who learned the critical verification techniques for NASA-STD-8739.6B and harsh environmental conditions.

For the iNARTE® Certified ESD Space & Defense Program Monitor™ course,  packaging and storage for space-bound components was compared to traditional consumer electronics that meets only the minimal requirements of TR-53 verification for ESD compliance without adherence to low RH and extreme conditions. For industry, ESD compliance was not a consideration for today’s space and defense from the cold and dry desert winds of the Middle East to the build and assembly of satellites for successful deployment and functionality in low-Earth orbit.

2021 iNARTE® Certified ESD Program Monitor™ Training

Not only are traceable and reliable verification techniques based upon ANSI/ESD standard test methods demonstrated live in the RMV Technology Group ESD laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, but the “hands on” training of materials, packaging, and product verification is practiced “hands on” with each individual over the three-day period of training.

2022 course listings for RMV Technology Group LLC

The next course for the iNARTE® Certified Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™ is scheduled for Apr. 25–27, 2022.  The iNARTE® Certified Aerospace & Defense ESD Engineer™ course is scheduled for June 6–10, 2022. Please contact Renee Mitchell, RMV President, at 650-964-4792 or email her at for availability, group rates and discounts for US military. Maximum per class is seven individuals.