New Hands-On iNARTE® Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™ Certification Launched Virtually, Exclusively Developed and Trained by RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry Partner

By Renee Mitchell


For federal agencies and support contractors, the travel restrictions first mandated in March 2020 are still in place across the United States and in many countries. The trend is likely to continue through next year and with the enormous savings already realized, this business model is likely to continue much longer.

To adapt and grow as a flexible and forward-thinking business, RMV Technology Group now offers “virtual” three-day iNARTE® Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™ training in multiple sessions with third-party international certification provided by Exemplar Global, a member of the ASQ family of companies. An Exemplar Global iNARTE certificate and digital badge will provide each professional with the tools to achieve their goals.

For NASA contractors, RMV tested a hybrid “pilot” program in November 2020 for technicians, engineers and supervisors that work in mission critical programs or manage onsite laboratories at NASA or in NASA contractor facility labs. With excellent ratings by the participants, the decision to move forward in an exclusive agreement with Exemplar Global, a member of the ASQ family of companies for 3rd party International Certification, was made.

RMV laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center ((photo credit and copyright: RMV)

The iNARTE® Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™ certification course was developed for the engineer, technician, or supervisor who supports the site ESD program manager that handles, stores, transports, assembles, or manages EEE parts or electrostatic discharge (ESDS) devices in the R&D lab, manufacturing, distribution, cleanroom, high bay, or defense-related theatre operations.

For space and defense, ESD integrity in harsh environments must be compliant and traceable to recognized industry standards as the NASA-STD-8739.6B and ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard test methods, now required for NASA civil servants, contractors, and support agencies. Some other industry standard technical reports do not meet the current requirements for verification of materials intended for extreme environmental conditions.

2021 RMV Virtual “Hands On” ESD Instrument Training (photo credit and copyright: RMV)

Bob Vermillion, RMV CEO/Founder, developed this unique course to meet the robust demands of space and defense which also applies to other sectors where extreme environmental conditions prevail.

Following space and defense guidelines down to the circuit board level to manage, handle, assemble, store, package and transport devices will lower your risk for safety, security and, ultimately, mission success.

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The Upcoming iNARTE® Certified Electronics Industry ESD Coordinator™ course will be offered to the biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical drug delivery and energy sectors in the next phase of the iNARTE® course offerings exclusively developed and trained by the Subject Matter Experts of RMV Technology Group.

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