Free Webinar

This free webinar, “EMI Test Receiver Basics: Is it time to upgrade from your spectrum analyzer?” is being presented by Scott Niemiec, application engineer with Rohde & Schwarz. The event occurs on May 13, 2021, at 1 PM (US Eastern Time Zone).

Attendees will learn that one of the most significant pieces of equipment used in an Emission (EMI) measurement is the EMI test receiver. This presentation will cover the basics of what an EMI test receiver is and why it is so indispensable for EMI measurements. The presenter will start by discussing what an EMI measurement is and cover what is required to make these measurements, and then follow up with how an EMI test receiver is designed to make these measurements. Lastly, the session will cover one of the enhanced features of an EMI test receiver, called Time Domain Scan, and show what benefits this enhancement provides to the user.

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