FCC Licensing Exams

* PLEASE NOTE, as of April 19, 2022, the FCC has implemented application fees for licensing services. Once your exam results are uploaded to the FCC database you will receive a link directly from the FCC for the $35 fee. This fee is not included in your initial order and will need to be paid to the FCC in order for you to receive your license. Additionally, if you are applying for a modification of an existing license (examples include adding a ships radar endorsement), please provide your current license number along with your application. *



Important: Before you sign up for an FCC Element Exam, you must create an FCC user profile and FRN (registration number). Click here to view a video that will walk through the process of creating the FCC user profile and FRN.

As an FCC designated Commercial Operator License Examination Manager (COLEM), iNARTE Exemplar Global administers Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing exams online and at over 190 locations worldwide.

NEW! FCC Licensing Exams Online — Anytime, Anywhere

Our new online examination process allows you to take any of our FCC exams from any computer (with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone) from any location at any time. This means you can take the exam from your home, workplace, or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

Online Examination Requirements

We also have an extensive exam center network that allows you take any of our exams at more than 190 test center locations worldwide. An additional exam proctor fee applies.

We can help you find out which FCC Commercial License you need and schedule your FCC license test.

Click a license type below to learn more about the required exams:

FCC Commercial Operator License Exams: What to Expect

Before the FCC Exam

  1. Preparation. Study, study, study! See a list of FCC exam study guides available from Amazon.com.
  2. Choose your testing method:
    1. Online Examination. Take the exam from any properly equipped computer (see Online Examination Requirements)
    2. Test Center-Administered Examination. Take the exam from one of our 190 test centers globally. NOTE: Additional proctor fees apply if you choose to take the exam at a test center. The proctor fee is payable to the proctor or test center.
  3. Register with iNARTE.
  4. Pay the examination fee(s).
  5. Take your FCC examination.

During The FCC Exam

What happens during the exam depends on the method you choose. Please select the method below to
see examination requirements:

After the FCC Exam

You will receive your exam results after the review is completed for the exam for computer-delivered examinations either taken online or at a test center.

If you pass your exam(s), iNARTE files your FCC exam results on your behalf. Expect the FCC to issue your license within 15 business days of filing.

If you do not pass all the required exams please re-register with iNARTE. Note: you receive credit for each FCC exam element passed. For example: if you pass element 1, but not element 3, you need to retest only for element 3.

Need to take an exam again? There is no mandatory waiting period before you can re-test.

Upon successful completion of the required examinations for your FCC License your results will be automatically emailed to you within 72 hours, iNARTE Exemplar Global will electronically submit your FCC License Application directly to the FCC via their Universal Licensing System (or you can select ‘no’ in the options below). This may take 7-10 business days.