ESD Program Monitor Training

This iNARTE-certified ESD Program Monitor (Coordinator and Auditor) course has been designed by RMV Technology Group LLC—the originator of hands-on ESD Training) for NASA civil servants or contractor primes who play a major role in ESD damage prevention and support the NASA ESD program manager. This course offers three days of interactive and hands-on ESD training. Course pricing is $1,950.

Day one covers electrostatic discharge issues in greater depth; how to build Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Do No Harm R&D-safe workstations; and how to implement and prepare for a QAAR audit and internal NASA OSMA assessments. Those undergoing the coursework will learn how to conduct periodic verification measurements and how to implement corrective actions through instrument driven tests during an audit The course also covers ESD procedures and how to utilize corrective action forms for non-conforming ESD materials.

Days two and three will address hands-on test methods for completion of workstation measurements. Special ESD measurement forms will be provided in the workbook. You will learn how to conduct verification testing for surface resistance of ESD materials, resistance to a groundable point for ESD workstations, ESD floor-resistance measurements, ionization verification, ground (bus bar or electrical) verification, garments, gloves, soldering irons, wrist straps, footwear and seating.

This class is intended for NASA civil servants and prime contractors working on-site at NASA centers. Traceability to the NEW NASA 8739.6b and ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 for harsh environments is covered throughout the three-day course.

Your instructor is Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow and 2019 Military Packaging Hall of Fame inductee as well as an iNARTE-certified ESD and product safety engineer.

For more information, call Bob at 650-964-4792 or email at, You may also visit online at