EMC IC Conference to Be Held Online

The 13th International Workshop on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits will be held online, Mar. 9–11, 2022. Since the inception of the first International IC EMC Workshop in Toulouse, France, in 1999, this event has been held at various locations in Europe and once in Japan.

Achievements in terms of operating frequency and integration of semiconductor technology are constantly creating new challenges in IC EMC, which must necessarily be addressed at both the integrated circuits and system level. Keeping up to date is of paramount importance to achieve success in this field.

By attending EMC Compo, participants will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Participate in workshops held by leading scientists in the IC EMC industry
  • Discover the lessons learned from countless other teams who have dealt with the problem you’re currently facing
  • Explore the research of leading scientists in the field across the world

For more information and to register, visit online here.