Digital Certification Moves Forward

As many of you will recall, for more than two years now iNARTE has been transitioning away from paper-based certificates and cards to digital versions. This was based on a tremendous amount of feedback from engineers and technicians globally who reported that although the certificates and cards are nice, they serve little purpose other than to take up space in a filing cabinet. The main reason for this was that the certificates expire every year (depending on the renewal period) and there is not an efficient way to display the certs. In a similar way, many reported that the plastic cards were said to be of little use as most wallets were full to the brim with other cards and licenses more regularly used. Of more value, we were told, are digital acknowledgements of the certification. Step one in this transition has been the digital search register on the website. This registry is voluntary, and your name, region, and certification number can be shown or hidden; it is your choice as to how you’d like to configure this information, which you can selected through your individual portal. The registry shows actively and in real time your certifications and when they expire. This is a great way to demonstrate your continued certification to auditors, employers, or whomever may ask about your certification status. The registry is fully operational now so be sure to check your portal settings to make sure you actively appear on our website. Step two in the process was to discontinue the plastic wallet cards. This change went into full effect as of June 1, 2020, so for all future certifications only the certificate will be sent. Step three is to provide digital certificates via your personal portal that can be downloaded, saved, shared, or displayed as needed and at your convenience. No more waiting for the certificate to arrive and no more reliance on the postal service to not crush or lose these documents. In addition to these changes we are working on other modern versions of recognition such as digital badges and email links. Be sure to stay connected with us to learn of these developments as they unfold. Thank you for being a part of the iNARTE family and maintaining a commitment to better the industry through certification.