Computer delivered exams now available for FCC exams

Milwaukee, Sydney, Seoul: iNARTE is pleased to announce that effective immediately FCC examinations are now available via a computer-based delivery system.

Computer-based delivered exams shorten the lead time required to schedule the FCC exams and FCC examinees receive their exam results immediately after completing the examination. The computer-based option is available on the registration form for our FCC customers to choose. The Exemplar Global fee to the examinee for taking a computer-based exam is $50.00 versus $65.00 for a paper-based exam.

In addition, FCC examinees will no longer be required to submit a paper-based FCC 605 Form. For any examinee who registers from today, all required information is now collected via the online registration form.

Learn which Test Center or Proctor offers computer-based exams by visiting the test center list prior to registering for your exam.

Attention: Test Centers

If you would like to offer computer-based exams at your site so you can eliminate the need to wait for test materials to arrive in the mail and return FCC testing materials via the mail to the Milwaukee office, you may email Patty Roselle ( or call her at +1-414-272-3937 ext 7781 to have your test center listing updated.

To offer the computer-based exam delivery, all you need is a computer that is connected to a stable internet connection for the examinee’s use during the test session. The same test environment requirements apply for computer-based as paper-based exam delivery.

With computer-based exams, once the FCC appointment is confirmed, test centers are sent an email with a test code from our Exam Administrator. For first time delivery on any one computer, a link to download a program named Weblock is also provided. The Weblock software is a browser lockdown system that ensures the FCC examinee does not navigate away from the exam page while taking the FCC exam.

We are very excited to offer this option to our customers and believe that it will benefit not only the examinee, but also our valued Test Centers and Proctors.

For more information, contact Elouise Baylor, Exam Administrator or on email at