Coming Soon — RABQSA and iNARTE Are Changing!

Exemplar Global is the new home of RABQSA and iNARTE personnel certifications, training provider certifications and examination center solutions; we give you the proof to succeed so you can open new doors.

RABQSA International is changing its name to Exemplar Global, soon you will see a new website and products that reflect our new name and broader focus. iNARTE will now be a brand of Exemplar Global.

On the inside we will remain the same. We will still be committed to creating value for you and your customers. We will still be committed to design, development and delivery of personnel and training certification services that are relevant to your industry.

You will hear more from us over the next few weeks.

What do I need to know?

Peter Holtmann, CEO & President of Exemplar Global, answers our valued customers’ and training providers’ questions. View the brochures linked below to read Peter’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Personnel Certification FAQs Training Certification FAQs