iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) Certification

Please note: new applications are no longer being accepted for the WDCP certification program. The WDCP certification program is transitioning to the Spectrum Management certification program. Click here for more information.

The iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) Certification Program focuses the skills and knowledge required in the global regulatory requirements applicable to the wide range of wireless devices in most market segments.

This certification program is for professionals who are qualified to test, evaluate, and perform certifications of radio frequency transmitter devices and systems.

The WDCP Certification program certifies those people dealing with the installation of unlicensed systems to add definition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirement for professional installation.

Professional Certification for Engineers and Technicians

This certification is suitable for engineers and technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable in the global regulatory requirements applicable to wireless devices. Accordingly, iNARTE does not mandate a specific post-secondary education background, although an appropriate engineering or physical science qualification will be recognized during application review. Candidates without such a background will be allowed to support their application through years of direct work experience.

Candidates who are already iNARTE Certified EMC engineers or technicians will be allowed exemption from Part 1 of the WDCP examination, which covers EMC basic knowledge and fundamentals. Part 2 must be attempted since it contains questions directly applicable to the certification testing of wireless devices.


WDCP is currently not accepting new applications.

Ongoing Certification Requirements

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Code of Ethics

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