iNARTE Telecommunications Certification

Telecommunications is the science and technology of communication (as opposed to processing of information) at a distance by electronic transmission of impulses, such as by telegraph, cable, telephone, radio, or television. The iNARTE Telecommunication certification pertains to professionals involved in the science and practice of communications by electromagnetic means. iNARTE certified (NC) Engineers and NC Technicians work throughout the telephone/communications industry, public/utilities industry, airline technology industry, oil/gas industry, radio communications and telephone systems for state and local municipalities and broadcast industry. Current and past service members can apply for iNARTE Certification for free with proof of service.  Please contact our office at for details.

Ongoing Certification Requirements

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Code of Ethics

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Telecommunications EngineerJuniorSeniorMaster
EducationCollege/University Transcript or Diploma College/University Transcript or Diploma College/University Transcript or Diploma
Work Experience Four years of related work experience Six years of related work experience Eight years of related work experience
Telecommunications TechnicianJuniorSeniorMaster
EducationProof of training Proof of training Proof of training
Work Experience Two years of related work experience Six years of related work experience Eight years of related work experience

There is no examination for Telecommunications certification but you do need to hold an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL).  Let us know if you need assistance obtaining this license.

iNARTE is an FCC designated Commercial Operator License Examination Manager (COLEM).

The GROL license is comprised of FCC Element 1 and FCC Element 3.

Please see our FCC licensing page for more information as to how to register and complete these exams.


If you have been an iNARTE certified telecommunications professional for more than two years, chances are you’ve gained expertise. Your iNARTE certification should reflect your current skill level.

If your experience exceeds your certification level, it is time to upgrade* your iNARTE certification level. Go to iNARTE Certification Levels to determine the certification level for which you qualify.

* Note: Upgrade applies only to Telecommunications certification categories (EMC, ESD and ATL are not eligible for upgrade).