iNARTE Military Standard (MIL-STD) EMC Specialist Certification

The iNARTE Military Standard (MIL-STD) EMC Specialist Certification Program is applicable to military engineers and technicians practicing in EMC fields to address their specific needs. MIL-STD EMC Specialists who already hold, or who obtain an iNARTE EMC certification can add this credential as an endorsement to that certificate once all criteria have been met. *Note: This certification is designed for those who already hold an iNARTE EMC certification.   There is an important section of the EMC community dedicated to supporting military requirements and iNARTE certification addresses this need with this special recognition program and examination.
MIL-STD EMC TECHNICIAN & EngineerTechnician & Engineer
ExamPassing score of 70%
ReferencesThree (One supervisor and two peer)
EducationCollege/University Transcript/Diploma

There is one part, four hours duration. All questions are multiple choice.

The exam is 50 questions, and all should be attempted.

The exam is open book, open notes and a scientific calculator is allowed.

The pass mark is 70% average. Retake is possible after 90 days. There will be no credit for past exam scores.

Once your MIL-STD application fee is received and you are ready to take the examination, Exemplar Global will coordinate and arrange for a testing date, time, location and point of contact.

The examination is 4 hours in duration. All examinations are given open book.

Examinations are graded at the Exemplar Global principal office and the applicant will be advised of a pass/fail within 10 working days.

Passing score 70% average. Should a candidate fail the examination, a retake is permissible following a 90-day period. Examinations may be retaken any number of times; however, an examination processing fee is required each time the exam is taken.

Candidates retaking the examination must achieve a passing grade at one 4-hour session and will not be allowed to take credit for grades achieved in parts of earlier sessions.