iNARTE professional certifications are for qualified engineers and technicians in the fields of telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility/interference (EMC/EMI), product safety (PS), and electrostatic discharge control (ESD).

Becoming a part of the iNARTE community provides global proof of your skills and demonstrates commitment to your career development. Career opportunities with government and civil contractors in electronics, avionics, and other technical fields may depend upon iNARTE certification.

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The Benefits of iNARTE Professional Certifications

iNARTE clients, both individuals and organizations, have recognized benefits of the certification programs. From the perspective of the certified individual, iNARTE certification provides several advantages in the competitive in job market:

  • It provides a recognized credential in lieu of licensure where no such licensure requirements exist.
  • The robust certification methodology provides a measurable level of expertise and quality that provides proof of technical competency.
  • The credibility of iNARTE certification has prompted many communications, transportation, utility and manufacturing corporations as well as the US military to mandate or prefer iNARTE certification as a pre-requisite to employment.
  • For the engineer’s ongoing career, it establishes the individual as a top performer in the industry, judged against an international standard of excellence. It is an advantage for technical and positional advancement within the organization. Maintaining iNARTE certification provides evidence of dedication to remaining current in this field of expertise.

For high-tech organizations who employ iNARTE certified professionals, technical risks related to EMC, EMS, and product safety cannot be prevented and solved by technology alone.

  • Professional expertise applied to complex technology is the key success factor for assuring product quality, safety, compliance, and limitations of liability.
  • Certification provides the means of identifying the most knowledgeable and capable engineers and technicians.
  • iNARTE provides an independent, non-product-based competency credential. Assignment of certified individuals increases the likelihood of a successful procurement or project.
  • For design, consulting, and testing service providers, proof of having competent professionals holding a globally-recognized credential increased the acceptability of product testing results by customers find more info.
  • Proof of technical competency encourages customer confidence in a company’s dedication to excellence.
  • Overall, having certified staff enhances the public image of the company and its technical personnel.
  • Aside from market and regulatory benefits, certified individuals facilitate personnel hiring, assignment, and advancement decisions. Moreover, the iNARTE requirement to abide by the certification’s ethical code of conduct can provide an additional level of confidence to the employer.

Finally, there is the benefit of the workplace environment being enhanced by the sense of achievement and confidence among employees.