Guest Column

By Steven G. Ferguson   Editor’s note: The following item was sent to us by Steve Ferguson of Compliance Direction LLC. He presents various courses on EMI/EMC compliance including EMC for nuclear power facilities, architectural shielding, and MIL-STD-461 testing, all presented online and at customer facilities. You can find his blog here. Induced signal susceptibility … Read More

Digital Certification Moves Forward

As many of you will recall, for more than two years now iNARTE has been transitioning away from paper-based certificates and cards to digital versions. This was based on a tremendous amount of feedback from engineers and technicians globally who reported that although the certificates and cards are nice, they serve little purpose other than … Read More

MIL-STD-461/DO-160 Compliance Testing Virtual Courses

Steven G. Ferguson of Compliance Direction Steven G. Ferguson of Compliance Direction is presenting a pair of online training courses in August, as follows: MIL-STD-461—August 4–6, 2020 (three days). Details available here. MIL-STD-461/DO-160—August 17–20, 2020 (four days). Details available here.  These and other training courses are available as closed online courses dedicated to individual groups … Read More

Free Whitepaper: Electromagnetic Compatibility of Lighting Equipment

Today, testing standards for lighting continue to be created, updated, and implemented—with some still in a draft stage— to help ensure uniform evaluation of EMC for the many new lighting technologies around the world. “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Lighting Equipment” is the name of a white paper offered by Schaffner that reviews the various standards that relate to lighting products. It details:  ▪  Specific standards for the … Read More

Spectrum Management and 5G Technology

Fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) is starting to roll out in cities across the globe—including some in the United States. But most countries are building the new network on a different part of the spectrum than major U.S. cities. 5G is expected to supersede today’s 4G by a huge margin. You might have heard that 5G … Read More