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Profile: Donald Sweeney

iNARTE is pleased to highlight the career of one of our certified professionals, Donald Sweeney, who was recently awarded the IEEE EMC Society’s Laurence G. Cummings Award for years of outstanding service.

Sweeney knew he wanted to be an engineer after graduating from a technology program and short stint working as a technician. This led him […]

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New iNARTE Product Safety Engineering Certification Program

Elya B. Joffe, iNCE (EMC-E, ESDC-E, EMC-MDE)
International Technical Consultant – iNARTE

Improvement Continues…

Introducing … the New iNARTE Product Safety Engineering Certification Program

In a recent iNARTE iNformer article we introduced the new ESD Control certification. In this article, we wish to introduce yet another iNARTE certification program, undergoing a major improvement in these very days – […]

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MIL-STD 461 F & G Testing and Design Tips Live Webinar

Meeting Military Standard EMI requirements can seem like a daunting task. iNARTE has partnered with Don Sweeney to present a FREE webinar at EMC Live 2017. In this webinar we will learn some history behind EMI testing, the various parts that make up MIL-STD 461, and some helpful solutions to problems commonly seen during MIL-STD testing.

Title: MIL-STD 461 F […]

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Profile: Lawrence Behr

With more than 50 years in business, radio frequency pioneer Lawrence Behr credits a series of lucky breaks early in his business life as the key to his success.

Throughout his career, Behr has racked up a number of unique accomplishments, which include creating a number of patents and founding two television stations.

From a young age, […]

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Navy Debuts Electromagnetic Launch System

by Christian Thornton

In July, the U.S. Navy launched an F/A 18F from the deck of the USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) utilizing the latest in launch technology. The new system, scheduled for full deployment in 2019, uses electromagnetics rather than traditional steam for its catapults. Not only did the milestone mark the ship’s first at-sea […]

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What’s New with iNARTE? (Video)

iNARTE has been busy this past year updating and upgrading its EMC certification exam and building a new continuing professional development program. iNARTE’s Business Manager Christian Thornton and our Technical Advisor Elya Joffe took some time at the recent IEEE EMC Symposium in Washington, D.C., to discuss these changes. View their conversation in the video […]

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iNARTE at the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Washington, D.C.

Elya B. Joffe, iNCE (EMC-E, ESDC-E, EMC-MDE)
International Technical Consultant – iNARTE

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again.”

Similar to the symposium in Ottawa in 2016, iNARTE was present in 2017 in the exhibition, which provided an outstanding opportunity to meet already iNARTE certified […]

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Profile: John MacLean

This month, we celebrate the career and achievements of John MacLean, whose inspirational story is testament to hard work, goal setting, and certification.

MacLean started his career in technology as an apprentice electronics technician in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard’s Apprenticeship Program.

“While working with master technicians I was told that iNARTE certification was something I should get […]

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New iNARTE Customer Portal

The new customer portal is up and fully functional. We will continue to make improvements to make the portal more user friendly. If you haven’t done so already, please log in to the iNARTE self-service portal at using the username and password you were sent via email. If you did not receive the email, […]

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IEEE Product Symposium: Taiwan

In December, Elya Joffe represented iNARTE at the IEEE Product Safety Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan.
The symposium had a strong attendance with over 80 attendees—all practicing compliance and product safety engineers, and a small number of EMC engineers.
Elya delivered a presentation on the iNARTE PSE program and its expected evolution. The presentation drew great interest and […]

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