The Value of Certification

I am often asked “what is the value of certification?” Simply put, certification holds the most value when there is a lot to gain or a lot to lose. This can fall into several categories—money, time, equipment, contracts, or even lives. iNARTE certification provides benefits to both the individuals that get certified and their organizations. … Read More

Spectrum Management Certification: Excerpt

The availability of an adequate spectrum to support commercial, government, and military electronic systems and equipment is critical to maximizing mission and performance effectiveness. Spectrum planning and frequency management must be given appropriate and timely consideration during the development, procurement, and deployment of assets that utilize the electromagnetic spectrum. To ensure maximum compatibility among the … Read More

Just a Moment

By Steve Ferguson, Compliance Direction LLC We’ve all heard it – I’ll be with you in moment or I’ll call you back in a moment and it seems as if the moment takes forever. When we say it, the intention indicates a prompt action without committing to an exact time – but promptly is understood. … Read More