A Message from Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager

Do you have an FCC GROL (General Radio Operators License)? The license can help you achieve numerous new roles and opportunities. Obtaining the license is no small achievement but did you know that you can leverage that license into even more?

With the FCC GROL license, made up of elements 1 and 3, you can also obtain a telecommunications certification through iNARTE! iNARTE is the predominant non-profit third-party certification company in the world for telecommunications certifications. In just a few short steps you can leverage your license into a globally recognized annual certification.

Christian Thornton, iNARTE Business Manager

For a limited time in recognition of the current COVID-19 situation we are looking to help everyone become certified as efficiently and cost effectively as possible so that you will be in the best position possible to return to work or even obtain a new position. We have lowered the cost of the certification for this year to $100 with no application fees. All you will need to provide is a copy of your license, a current resume if you are looking for a higher level of certification, and proof of education (for engineers) or proof of training (for technicians) relevant to the certification.

To take advantage of this offer you’ll need to create a portal account with us by following this link: https://inarte.org/login/registration.php

Once you have created your account please email us at admin@inarte.org with a copy of your license, resume, and proof of education, and we will set you up with the appropriate certification. Once the certification is created, you’ll just need to log in and pay the fee and you will be certified.

I look forward to seeing your application come through and helping you on your career pathway.