A Guide to Applying for iNARTE Certification Products

Start by navigating to the certification of your choice. Go to What We Offer > iNARTE Professional Certifcations.

On the iNARTE Professional Certifications page you will see some general information about certification. To the lower right, under the section’s main navigation menu, you will see a menu titled “Browse iNARTE Certification Products for Professionals“, select your desired certification product from this menu.

On your chosen certification’s information page you will find a summary of the certification’s requirements, this is important information, make sure you’ve read through it before proceeding.

At the foot of your chosen certification’s information page you will find a number of buttons. Please download and read the “Certification Criteria” document before proceeding.

Once you have all the information about your chosen certification’s requirements, click the “Apply Now” button.

Now that you are on your chosen certification’s “Application & Examination” product page you will see three fields that you are required to make selections from.

Before making your “Exam Location” selection from the drop-down menu, you may want to click the “iNARTE Examination Locations page” link to find out the location best suited to you.

Next you need to select how soon you’d like to take your exam from the “Exam Date” drop-down menu.

Last of your selections, you’ll need to decide what level of certification you want to apply for from the “Certification Type” drop-down menu.

Once you have made all three selections the fee for your chosen Application & Examination will appear below, then click “Add To Cart“.

After you have added your product to your shopping cart, navigate to the cart by clicking the “View Cart” link in the “successfully added” box that has appeared at the top of the page OR you can view your cart any time by clicking the link in the top right of the website header.

Once you have reviewed your cart and you are satisfied that your order is correct, click the “Proceed To Checkout” button toward the bottom of the page.

The first tab in the checkout process is “Billing Details“, fill in all of the required fields then click the “Continue” button.

The next tab in the checkout process is “Additional Information“, fill in your date of birth and feel free to include any necessary comments in the “Order Notes” box.

The final tab in the checkout process is “Review & Payment“, once you have reviewed your order click “Proceed” to make your secure credit card payment.

Once your payment is processed your exam registration and preliminary application are submitted!
You will receive an order confirmation at your specified email address and
will be contacted by Exemplar Global iNARTE soon.